Natalia Loukinova
I'm a ASQ-Certified Six Sigma Green Belt tutor
I am an active member of the  American Society for Quality (ASQ)  and  ASQ-Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) . I offer tutoring services to help quality professionals prepare for the ASQ SSGB certification exam. The idea of the SSGB tutoring came to me after meeting numerous quality professionals who believed that the only way to prepare for the ASQ SSGB certification exam was to attend the ASQ SSGB training and were surprised to find out that I did it just by studying on my own. If you are planning to take the same route I once took - that is, the route of self-study - then you might find my tutoring services helpful.
I am located in Gainesville, Georgia and serve Atlanta - Gainesville - Athens area. I tutor on a one-on-one basis with either me or you commuting (as agreed) for tutoring sessions.
Disclaimer: I am not an accredited training provider.
ASQ SSGB Certification Requirements
There are two major requirements you must fulfill to become an ASQ-Certified SSGB. You must:
  1. Have at least three years of work experience in one or more areas of the ASQ SSGB Body of Knowledge .
  2. Pass the SSGB certification exam.
To prove your work experience you have to submit your resume when applying to take the certification exam. Work experience must be in a paid, full-time role. No educational waivers. Note: Your work experience must demonstrate your participation in but not leadership of a quality improvement project. In other words, you are not expected to lead a project.
The certification exam tests your knowledge of Six Sigma tools and processes and covers topics outlined in the ASQ SSGB Body of Knowledge. The exam contains 110 multiple-choice questions, is hour and a half hours long, and is open-book.